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What does  "BackPack for Eveyone" means ?



We are the only one in this business which provides numerous types of BackPack at multi price level not only for the Human being also for your pets and music intruments.


What is ?

In this border-less Era , and the growth of E-commerce business why most of people still wasting time with those off-line shops. Is that because of people’s consumption culture still not welcome to E-commerce?

We found some existing problems in current online Backpack customers as follows :

1. Do you have off-line shopping experience when you buying online ?

2. When you surfing on the web “Do you find difficulties get suitable backpack at its price?”

3. As product/purchasing/design manager ,” Can you easily find verified and experienced online backpack supplier/manufacturer that can quickly supplied/produced your own design backpack/your customer needs at Best Price and capable to establish long-time relationship with your company ?”

Starting from the most popular Keyword in backpack business, Inspired by GSMarena one of the most recommended cell phone information provider website, Supported by SakuraJima luggage one of historical luggage manufacturer which has more than 40years track record in Backpack manufactur and trading business, Powered by AKSES+ Number One payment system provider comes to provide full online service in Backpack business for B2C and B2B customers. 

For B2C customers is the first site provides complete Backpack specification filter selector and comparison features, the most detail Backpack galery, and safety quick access “Shoping Chart” .So B2C customers not only saving their time but also enjoy having off-line self-service and love reading our articles Backpack technology articles . For the Backpack supplier/manufacturer we provide the most natural and detail Backpack galery, thousands off-line customer, so we are very pleased and welcome all of Backpack supplier/manufacturer to join and cooperate with us. And For the Brand Owner/Product Manager has “Mr Backpack” as our representative online Backpack consultant. 

To perfect our services for payment system we are now connected with AKSES+ and PAC, so customer can do the payment through all ATM, credit card. Thanks to AKSES+ network, this smart payment system can be accessed by everyone everywhere even they don’t have bank account,laptop or smart phone.


How about the features in ?

1.    Spacious Main Banner Slide show (not available in mobile version)

2.    Advertising

To become number -1 Backpack’s market we provide some advertising package. For more information please see related article about “advertise with us”


3.     Brand Dropdown menu

Customers can easily find the most suitabe Backpack through BRAND dropdown menu, and currently we only have these brand names, but welcome for other Backpack supplier to join with us. For Big Brand/supplier that can supplies many products we’ll put your brandname at the main root, but for small Brand we’ll put your product inside “other”




4.       Product Type Dropdown menu (not available in mobile version)

Customers can easily find the most suitabe Backpack through TYPE dropdown menu



5.       Complex filter selector

Insipired by GSMarena, after customers choose Brand name, we provide the most complete filter selector to guide customers quickly choosing their needs.

6. Create your own product data sheet

NO more confused or doubt, after customers choose Brand name or category, we provide easy compare button on each bags picture so customer can easily create their own product data sheet.


7.       Details Product galery and specification

We hope customers can enjoy off-line shop only from the Backpack picture and specification. Thanks to SONY SAL 50M28, SONY SAL 2470Z first class lenses that provide detail and real picture. Also thanks to our article contributor which has more than 10 years working as production manager for world’s Top luggage Brand.





8.       Easy and Quick Shopping Cart (not available in mobile version)

Throw those stone-aged user sign up form and log in process, cuz B2C customers can instantly doing transaction using our Easy and Quick Shopping Cart.

In order to protect our customer privacy, never keep customer’s database and using it for marketing purpose.


9. Payment system

   What are you waiting for? B2C customer now can do the payment directly using their device, or find all of ATM/EDC terminal swipe/insert their Debit/ATM card, also visit AKSES+ merchant doing cash payment.


10.       Product Technical Data Sheet (Brochure) (not available in mobile version)

When other competitor published their catalogue with human models and marketting words, provides Product Technical Data Sheet. Customer can easily download or print product technical data sheet directly from our site. 



11.       Mr Backpack

Who is Mr Backpack ? Born and growth in Backpack business, Mr Backpack never missed his Backpack wherever anytime he goes. Anyone who has question/confused about Backpack product please click Mr Backpack avatar picture and fill in Mr Backpack form. Mr Backpack with more than 35 years in Backpack business including his 10 years international experiences will give you best answer.





12.       Online OEM Service

If you are one of purchasing/production/design Manager , in this border-less era anytime anywhere welcomed to submit your request to us. We'll reply with best quoatation ASAP



13.   Yahoo messenger, Skypee and TengXun QQ online chat icon

Can you imagine how many online customers using Yahoo messenger, Skypee and TengXun QQ for chatting ? is the first and the only one that using both of those 3 top chat application in online Backpack business.



14.   Facebook ,Twitter and Google + icon

Customer can easily access our official Facebook or twitter page , also share our website content into their own social media+account

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