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1. How to measure Bags volume ?
People and  most of Bags manufacturer use litre to measure the bags dimension,  and put it on Hangtag, or as embroidery logo. Due our investigation sometimes the bags volume which is printed/embroidery on the bags is not accurate. The most accurate way is width x height x depth. for example if the bags volume 100 litre, thats mean the dimension of the bag will become 38 x 35 x 110 cm, which maximum load more than 30Kg. The bags will be suitable for minimum 1.90 metre height 85 Kg creatures.

2. What is air flight carry on luggage standard ?
In some countries the flight company applied very strict luggage regulation, they used to prepare standar basket in front o check in both. if your bag can fit into the basket,then you may take it into the aeroplane cabin as "carry on luggage", otherwise handle as baggage. The basic regulation is 19" inch, but in the aplication not always same for all flight company. Our suggestion the external dimension for carry on luggage not exceed width x height x depth : 35 x  55 x 30 cm

3. What is cowhide leather.
Cowhide leather also called unfinished leather, is leather material which passed cleaning and colouring process. So the external layer of the leather still remain, as protection. So after years, cowhide still more soft compare with finished leather. The problem, cow hide leather thicker and hard to process become bags, the bags created from genuine cowhide leather is hard to have symmetrical shaped, but last longer than finished leather. Not all leather can be processed become cow hide leather, ussually only leather With unsrcrath perfect external layer can be processed become cowhide leather.

4. What is canvas fabric ?
Canvas fabric constructed from cotton yarn and coated with PVC layer. the bigger yarn size and weaving quality will increase the tensile strength of the fabric. Here the PVC coating give back support for the yarn weaving and also waterproof effect. the better PVC material and the thicker PVC coating layer will increase the life-used of the fabric. Canvas fabric specification same as Jeans fabric ussually symbol with A s, for example 6s, 8s, 10s, 12s. the Higher of the grade number, the fabric will be more thicker.


5. is SAKURAJIMA luggage have representative store ?

SAKURAJIMA basically is  Bags factory and supplier, we never have our own store. User can find our product displayed in our distributor retail/representative store.


6. Why SAKURAJIMA Go-online ?

One of world online marketing expert said "it's not a mistakes if you not started eCommerce 10 years ago, but  it's a Big mistakes if you don't start it now". To be the market leader in Backpack industries we think not enough  running  our bussiness traditionally (off-line), So why not  enter online market ?

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