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In this borderless Era , and the massive growth of E-commerce business why most of people still wasting time with those off-line shops. Is that because of people’s consumption culture still not welcome to E-commerce?



We found some existing problems in current online Backpack customers as follows :

1. Do you have off-line shopping experience when you buying online ?

2. When you surfing on the web “Do you find difficulties get suitable backpack at its price?”

3. As product/purchasing/design manager ,” Can you easily find verified and experienced online backpack supplier/manufacturer that can quickly supplied/produced your own design backpack/your customer needs at Best Price and capable to establish long-time relationship with your company ?”

Starting from the most popular Keyword in backpack business, Inspired by GSMarena one of the most recommended cell phone information provider website, Supported by SakuraJima luggage one of historical luggage manufacturer which has more than 40years track record in Backpack manufactur and trading business, comes to provide full online service in Backpack business for B2C and B2B customers.  

For B2C customers is the first site provides complete Backpack specification filter selector, the most detail Backpack galery, and safety quick access “Shoping Chart” .So B2C customers not only saving their time but also enjoy having off-line self-service. For the Backpack supplier/manufacturer we provide the most natural and detail Backpack galery, thousands off-line customer, so we are very pleased and welcome all of Backpack supplier/manufacturer to join and cooperate with us. And For the Brand Owner/Product Manager has “Mr Backpack” as our representative online Backpack consultant.

To perfect our services we’ll upgraded to faster server, cooperate with financial institution for automatic payment system, also expand our off-line /online network channel.

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